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Coping with health issues, depression, loss, anxiety, mood swings or hormonal changes can be very distressing and isolating.  Attitude Counselling has experience in helping you to manage aspects of mental health recovery and developing resilience and a sense of wellbeing.


We can discuss the issues or concerns you may be experiencing with any aspects of your sexual wellbeing*.  As we progress through life we experience many kinds of development and change. Sexual changes may challenge our sense of identity and may create difficulties in how we manage our relationships.

*any aspects of legal consensual sexual practices. This includes conventional or unconventional sex;  kink, fetishism, swinging and any of the legal, consensual practices referred to as “paraphilias“.

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Mental wellbeing
Sexual wellbeing
Communication issues
Gender identity
Sexual orientation
LGBTQIA+ health & wellbeing
Specialist LGBTQIA+ friendly counselling for parents & families
Sexual problems after surgery or illness
Men’s and women’s health issues
Issues in relation to arousal, low libido, or painful sex
Maintaining satisfying sexual activities in challenging or changing circumstances
Sex Worker counselling
Preventing or managing sexually transmitted infections
And much more…


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