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Health & Wellbeing - Professional Services


Wild Calm Therapies is a specialist, boutique therapy practice… done differently. Sometimes counselling can be clinical, impersonal and intimidating. Here, I believe in providing a safe, calm, nourishing sanctuary, bringing my authentic and human self as your therapist, treating the whole being rather than focusing on diagnosis, and demonstrating that real connections can occur. I offer individual therapy, supervision for professionals, consulting for services and peak bodies, resources and online courses. Every human is unique and I work with you as such.


LGBTIQA+ specific services for LGBTIQA+ people and their families is one of the main areas of Wild Calm Therapies. I specialise in all matters (big and small) of domestic and family abuse, including sexual assault for folks and families. I offer counselling regarding gender identity, queer issues (including discrimination) in the community and queer sexual experiences within diverse relationship structures.


Website: www.jenwiedman.com