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Tranquility Float Therapy and Reflexology Hobart


Tranquility Float is a warm and friendly float centre close to Hobart. They specialise in float therapy and reflexology massage. Tranquility Float centre is peaceful and private. Float therapy reduces stress, refreshes the body and clears the mind.

Per Tranquility Float:

"A four year PhD study (not yet published in academic journal) on float therapy found the following after 10 floats :

anxiety decreased by 66%
pain decreased by 66%
stress decreased by 66%

energy increased by 58%
sleep quality increased by 83%
relaxation increased by .... 163%

I recommend float therapy for people experiencing any or some of the following symptoms:

Alignment issues
Muscle tension
Sensory processing disorder

"In my experience, float therapy has provided LGBTI people with a safe and open environment to be themselves, and to make use of a therapy which greatly assists in stress, anxiety and psychosocial issues (which unfortunately are experienced by many LGBTI people) "

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