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Sun 10am-4pm;
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All Ages    -    Children 0-12    -    Teenagers Under 18    -    Young Adults    -    Adults    -    Retail    -    Young People 12-25    -    Books (we will also happily place special orders for any titles that we do not currently have in stock on our shelves)

Our shop is small so we can't keep everything in stock, but we will cheerfully order any book in the world that is available, no matter how specialised or obscure. Our staff are friendly, inclusive and welcoming and we want our shop to be a safe space for browsing, buying, asking questions and finding the right book for you.


We display a rainbow flag sticker in our front window. Our staff are friendly and welcoming to all customers no matter their gender identification, sexual orientation, or other life preferences or choices. We never accept posters or advertising material on our premises that are unsupportive or discriminatory to the LGBTIQ+ community (rather, we have often displayed supportive material -- such as 'yes' posters in the lead up to the marriage equality vote -- even though our space for promotional material is limited).


 Find out more about us at: www.hobartbookshop.com