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Advocacy & Allies

Tasmania Police was one of the first Australian police services to educate and inform police recruits about the lived experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Intersex Tasmanians. Tasmania Police is building on that proud history by ensuring our services are delivered as fairly and inclusively as possible.

Tasmania Police acknowledge that Tasmania was the last state to decriminalise male-to-male relationships. This has left a legacy of stigma and discrimination that Tasmania Police seeks to address.

An important aspect of the service Tasmania Police provide to the LGBTIQA+ community is the LGBTIQA+ Liaison Officer. The LGBTIQA+ Liaison Officers’ mission is to contribute to the creation of mutual trust between police and LGBTIQA+ people so they have increased confidence in police through the provision of a fair and equitable policing service. Liaison Officers are police officers located throughout the state who can provide discrete advice on crimes and offences and ensure reports to police are appropriately acted upon.

When attending a police station to report a matter, remember you may ask to conduct your business in a private room. If you feel you are not being treated appropriately you may ask to speak with another police officer or an LGBTIQA+ Liaison Officer, however Liaison Officers may not always be immediately available. Most Inspectors of Police have received professional development to perform the role of LGBTIQA+ Liaison Officer. Tasmania Police LGBTIQA+ Liaison Officers can help by giving discrete advice and assistance on crimes and offences. The Liaison Officer can also provide expert advice and assistance to police investigators.

To find out more about the LGBTIQA+ inclusive services and support provided by Tasmania Police, go to their website or click here to download the LGBTIQA+ Liaison Officers Brochure.

Contact: Email – Inspector Robert Blackwood

Phone – 131 444 or triple zero (000) in an emergency and ask to speak to an LGBTIQA+ Liaison Officer