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Sensual Potential is a clinical sexology practice that provides education and counselling

We support people to explore their sensual potential and sexual well being in whatever way works for them. Richelle has a particular interest in working with diversity in sex, bodies, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, lifestyles and relationships. Through her Queer Connections Consulting project she also offers LGBTIQ inclusion consultancy and training, something she has been doing for over a decade.

Richelle has provided one on one peer support to LGBTIQ people for almost 20 years and community workshops for the past decade. Most recently in her private sexology practice, Sensual Potential, she offers counselling and education to LGBTIQ individuals, couples, polycules and families, and larger groups.

Currently Richelle provides her services online or over the phone or in a share care situation at the person's regular service provider's location if possible.


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