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RFT are an industry leader in the area of mental health recovery, offering a supportive best-practice approach that focuses on both the client’s present and future needs.

RFT offers the following services to adults with severe and persistent mental health issues:

  • Resident and community based recovery and rehabilitation services
  • Recreation and Life Skills Education programs
  • NDIS services
  • Services are government funded

Celebrating diversity is a core value of RFT and is embedded throughout the organisation. LGBTIQA+ awareness training is supported for all staff, and the needs of LGBTIQA+ participants in our programs are considered via our individualised and participant-led planning and assessment process.

At RFT we treat each and every person who engages with us as an individual. Their goals and needs are assessed holistically, and supports provided to enable each person to achieve their own wellbeing, without judgement or discrimination.

RFT employs a number of staff from LGBTIQA+ community as part of our strategy to reflect diversity as well as support it.

We understand that members of the LGBTIQA+ community are over-represented in mental health statistics. We want to reassure people that there are mental health services which are non-faith based, and which will not only accept, but also affirm, each person for who they are regardless of their gender or sexuality.

Website: https://rft.org.au
Contact: Administration – 03 6228 3344