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The Rainbow Care Clinic is a gender-affirming health care service provided by Dr. Holly Inglis, a specialist general practitioner with an interest in gender-affirming care, including hormone prescribing. Dr. Holly practices under the informed consent, or affirmation enablement, model of gender-affirming health care, placing autonomy and self-determination front and centre of the gender affirmation journey.​Gender-affirming care services include - full medical assessment & work up - initiation of hormonal care - continued hormone prescribing if already on treatment - holistic & personalised care throughout your hormonal gender affirmation process - long-term care - collaborative care with your regular GP - oestrogen implant insertion (Hobart only) - testosterone injection administration (Hobart only) Dr Holly is also an experienced PrEP prescriber & and S100 HIV medication prescriber and these services can be provided in conjunction with gender-affirming care services or as an unrelated service.