Social Groups

OUTspace - Peer support group for same-sex attracted and gender diverse/questioning young people aged between 14 and 25 with groups in Launceston, Burnie and Devonport



Launceston: 2nd Thursday of every month from 4-5:30pm at Room 40, Holyman House, 52 Brisbane Street, Launceston.

Contact Mason on 0438 346 122 or for more information about the Launceston group.

"The first group I went to was in Launceston... about a week after I came out. I didn’t know where to go to meet people until I came across the Allsorts group. It felt good to be there and talk with other people and start to form networks of queer people, which is something I hadn’t done before."

North West

Burnie: 2nd Friday of every month from 4-5:30pm at the the Junction, 129 Wilson Street, Burnie.

Devonport: 3rd Friday of every month from 3:30-5pm at the Junction YFCC, 62 Stewart Street, Devonport.

Contact Garry on 0455 031 262 or for more information about Burnie and Devonport groups.

"I didn’t know anyone when I first went but after a while I got to know so many people and there’s been so many opportunities to make friends. That’s been a very positive experience. It’s so important because it’s really easy for Tasmanians to feel isolated. I experience that up here in Devonport. It gets really isolated and can be really hard. The Devonport group was really helpful..."