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Our caring philosophy is grounded within the values of compassion and excellence in our all services, and goodwill to the community we serve. The recipients of our care are always our prime focus. We strive to be a family orientated organisation that provides a warm, loving and happy environment for our residents and community care recipients, and we encourage their kin and friends to participate as fully as possible in all our activities. We also welcome the involvement of external organisations and volunteers in interacting with us to help provide our members with quality care, and to help develop and grow the organisation.


We offer a broad range of activities and enjoyable past times for the residents at Medea Park with the aim of promoting the psychological, social, cultural, emotional and physical well being of the residents. Residents individual needs are considered with the Leisure and Lifestyle staff developing individual activity programs to include large and small group activities, self-initiated activities and continued involvement in community groups. We ensure residents religious needs are met through a weekly church service and visitation from a range of denominations. All activities at Medea Park are conducted in a work homelike environment.


Website: https://medeapark.org.au/wp/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MedeaParkResidentialCareInc/