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Love is the most exquisite experience of our human existence, it's true that the only remedy for love is to love more! Besides my love of love and desire to be surrounded by loved-up couples, my motivation behind becoming a registered marriage celebrant is to be a channel for stepping away from traditional wedding ceremonies. My job is to legally validate marriages under the Australian Marriage Act 1961. As long as the legal boxes are ticked you can do whatever you want in your ceremony. The love shared between a couple is unique, and their celebration should reflect that.


I'm Mel, I identify as a cis-female lesbian, I am a frugal hedonist. I value social equality & fairness. I value being an ethical consumer. I value the sustainability of our planet and live a minimal impact, minimal waste lifestyle. I also value the pleasure of indulging in the best things in life like good food & good company. Currently reside in sunny South Hobart, though have lived in Melbourne, rural Victoria and Newcastle. Happy to travel statewide to provide my services.