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Stay with people who care about your holiday experience as if it was our own. We've got the local knowledge you need to get the most out of your Hobart experience. Check out our range of LGBTIQ+ friendly holiday homes inside Hobart.


Do you own a Hobart property suitable for holiday letting? Are you currently running a holiday rental yourself, but all that hard work is becoming a bit of a chore? List with the professionals and let us take care of everything!

Best of all, we're 100% Tasmanian and LGBTIQ+ owned and operated. We're a local business, employing local staff and supporting our local community inside Hobart.

Natalie Strommer, inside Hobart Company Director identifies as lesbian. Her partner, Phoebe Adams who assists in the office (when she's not working on her LGBTIQ+ related PhD thesis) is lesbian gender non-conforming. Both Natalie and Phoebe are very comfortable interacting with their own community and aware of the importance of using the correct pronouns. inside Hobart is an inclusive workplace that employs and has employed and will continue to employ a diversity of LGBTIQ+ Tasmanians.

We're also a corporate sponsor of TasPride and we advertise this through the display of the TasPride logo on our website and in our guest information folders.  We also set all our listings on AirBnB, etc as LGBTIQ+ friendly.


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