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Burnie City Council's goals are to further develop a cohesive, caring and stimulating community, enhancing quality of life and providing access to a range of responsive services, facilities and programs.



Our Objectives:
- Value, encourage and recognise the needs, ideas and contributions of young people for the benefit of the community;
- Value and support families to improve community development outcomes by investing in the early years to ensure enhanced outcomes for the community;
- Support a diverse range of cultural experiences that foster a creative community;
- Build community capacity and foster community leadership;
- Support vibrant community programs and events that actively promote a healthy and positive lifestyle; and
- Manage Council facilities and services to better meet community needs.

Our community contains a diversity of young people who cover the spectrums of ability, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexuality, and Council maintains a social justice responsibility to its residents in terms of maintaining service provision.

By actively engaging with organisations and individuals working to help foster supportive, safe and accepting environments within our community, Council aims to increase accessibility to inclusive services so that young people are not disadvantaged by their environments, and their well being is equal with their peers.

Council works with LGBTIQ+ organisations, groups as well as individuals, and is actively involved in delivering events in conjunction with our community such as IDAHOBIT day.


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