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On the last Friday of every month, we come together to create an open friendly space; a safe place for queer women and allied people. We share drinks, conversation and stories... We are all ages


We are lesbian, gay, pan sexual, asexual, bi sexual...not really sure

We’re teetotaller, wine buffs, love a cold brew or know a good whiskey

We’re gardeners, teachers, marketing managers, scientists, builders, lawyers...

We might come out.

We just came out.

We came out decades ago

We’re transitioning, we’ve transitioned...

We are mothers, step mothers or child free.

We don't like labels...we shout out who we are.

We all have stories

We are Community

This is Lemons...with a Twist...


We meet upstairs at Boodle Beasley. It's our own private space, with a bar and plenty of space to hang out.


For More Info, visit:   www.facebook.com/ATwistOfLemons
Feedback Contact: Just message A Twist of Lemons. We respond pretty quickly.